Saturday, August 19, 2006

April Fools edition of kids money making ideas

After a summer of having my kids at home - here's my suggestions for doing well as a kid or teenager:-

Do nothing this summer
Occasionally smile at your parents
Go away on vacation
Say thanks for the free ice creams, food, treats and visits they take you on
Then remind them of all the stuff you need for school or college - let them buy it for you
See something that you just love in a shop window - smile nicely - again!

Hmmm - well, yes, I am being a little cheeky here - but I reckon that most kids seem to have it "good" - if not better than good.

If you're a kid living in the UK and planning to go to college - make sure that you fill in the application for your EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) which could be worth up to £30/week every week that you're at college! Why work?

More kids money making ideas!


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